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News and Exhibitions

  • Connecting Lines, a two-person show with Luzene Hill, is at the Portland Art Museum's Center for Contemporary Native Art from March 11 - October 29, 2017.   
  • Pulp & Deckle is a papermaking residency in Portland.  That's where you'll find me in the month of July!
  • In January, I participated in Map(ing)2017 at Arizona State University. Map(ing) is a biennial project using the visual language of printmaking as a vehicle for visual communication and the sharing of culture, language and identity. Here is a great review  by Erin Joyce in Hyperallergic of the 10-year anniversary of Map(ping). 
  • The prints I created while at Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts have been released. The are stark and graphic and I love them!  There are four editions and they are available for purchase at Crow's Shadow.

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